Rewards by McCarthy Uniforms

McCarthy Uniforms is proud to combine our custom technology platform and our access to high quality, innovative and durable apparel line ups to offer a first of its kind Apparel & Accessories ‘Rewards Program’

Communities interested in fundraising programs can set up a custom e-store in minutes, choosing apparel from our core apparel & accessories line up or our navy & white kids essentials line-up!

The Benefits of a McCarthy Rewards Program include:

  • Your community can receive a cash-back reward of up to 5% from your community’s ongoing apparel purchases.
  • Most individuals already buy apparel throughout the year, so participating in our fundraising experience does not create any extra financial burden!
  • The dollar value of apparel purchases is typically higher than traditional fundraising programs (like magazines or snacks) so overall fundraising potential is higher!
  • McCarthy Uniforms assumes all risks for fundraisers. Your community does not need to buy and hold inventory or participate in time-consuming administrative duties related to fundraising programs such as: orders, tax reporting and delivery, distribution & returns

Sign up for a McCarthy Rewards program, with no obligation, and your community receives a custom e-store with product stocked year-round! All your community needs to do is promote your program is leverage the McCarthy provided marketing toolkit!