Social Responsibility 2020

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Our Commitment to Social Responsibility!

If, as business leaders, we truly listen to the customers we serve - to their unmet needs, to their challenges, to their dreams - If we can truly learn to empathize with the members of the communities we operate in, including the most disenfranchised. If we can fulfill all these needs in sustainable profitable ways, we won’t just build great businesses - we will drive social outcomes that have not been solvable in traditional systems, for decades.


In our business at McCarthy Uniforms, we work with faith-based and secular educators and workplaces. They trust us with their business and form long-term partnerships with us. We are empowered to take that trust and translate it into impact – by creating products that help communities celebrate their unique values, by manufacturing in socially responsible ways, by being committed to taking some of our success and re-investing it into our people and into the communities we serve.

This is a virtuous cycle by which our business can be sustained and stable, but by which we achieve a symbiotic relationship that truly helps our customers succeed. Together, in this delicate partnership, we can make the world a better place.

To this end, we are pleased to make our 2020 Social Responsibility Report available to our key partners.  Please email us at to receive a copy.  In 2020 we were especially proud of our achievements in our five pillars of social responsibility:

  1. Responsible Manufacturing
  1. Contributing to the Communities we Serve
  1. Greening our Environment
  1. Diversity and Inclusion
  1. Health and Safety