We’re passionate about school uniforms!

For over 60 years, McCarthy’s has been outfitting kids to work, learn and play. During this time, we have learned that school uniforms help kids find and celebrate their unique personalities. Without the pressure of brands, kids can be more confident, and school communities can be more cohesive.

We care about your family because we’re one too!

Our team has been working together, side by side, for generations! We all remember wearing McCarthy products, and our kids wear them too. Being a family-run, people-first company means that we understand that our products can’t just look nice on the shelf. They need to pass the tests of busy mornings, fun-filled recesses, after-school soccer practice—and weekly laundry—while still ensuring kids look great for school photos and assemblies.

"I have been part of the McCarthy Uniforms family for almost 30 years! In that time I have seen uniforms and dress codes change, but I have always considered our job the same: helping kids to be their best. Being part of this community has been an incredible journey."

Mirella Vial, Director, Omni Channel & Data

"My mother wore a McCarthy Uniform, I wore a McCarthy Uniform and now my daughter wears one too. I know that there’s a great team and over 60 years of knowledge and love behind every McCarthy product, including our new Navy & White line."

Tina Petramela, Director, Human Resources

"As a mom of a digitally-savvy, hyper-connected 10-year-old, I worry about building my son’s confidence and sense of independence. Part of the inspiration for school uniforms was a desire to use our expertise in everyday school uniform apparel to ‘reduce the noise’ in classrooms and school yards and help ‘kids be kids’. I know this is also the goal of many of the principals who implement school uniform policies in their schools as well."

Vanessa Iarocci , President

"My family has had the privilege to work with school communities across the world to implement school uniforms. We are so thrilled to be expanding to support schools that are adopting school uniform policies.
At the end of the day, uniforms are not just regular apparel, they are about helping to build a sense of shared values and community.

Martin McCarthy, Chairman

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